[Play V] 故人归

[Play V] 故人归


  • jieun seo
    jieun seo20 jam yang lalu

    Oh my god...so good! Winwin...

  • beteljuys km
    beteljuys km20 jam yang lalu

    punten gaes, ini kok bisa ada anak orang ganteng banget kek hendery, ganteng banget woiii part rapnya dia enak banget lagii TT_TT

  • Lirik Lagumu
    Lirik Lagumu20 jam yang lalu

    I need Indonesia subtitle huee

  • TY's Neo Chicken
    TY's Neo Chicken21 jam yang lalu

    Still cant get over it

  • Gabriella Callula Putri Kurniawan
    Gabriella Callula Putri Kurniawan21 jam yang lalu

    Oh my God, I repeat this song again and again 💕💕... I can't stop to appreciate the beautiful vocal of Xiaojun✨, his voice is so emotional, and less breathy which I love, and he's like reflecting Jonghyun for some moments 😭😭. Maybe I'm a bit late to be the part of the fandom, but I understand why everyone's here for them... talents, visuals, and dorks they all in NCT. Keep this fandom strong everyone... Love them all, and love you all ❤️

  • Yu hsuan Tsai
    Yu hsuan Tsai21 jam yang lalu

    They are not idol. THEY ARE ARTISTS.

  • Toko Santiago
    Toko Santiago21 jam yang lalu

    Posso ver mil vezes e não canso aaa

  • beteljuys km
    beteljuys km21 jam yang lalu