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    Xiaojun looks like an angel!

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    WTH! no subtitles ????

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    Translations: Kun: Hello everybody! I’m WayV’s leader, Kun! Wishing you all a happy new year! May all your wishes come true and good fortune come upon you! 2020 was full of abundance and prosperity. I think WayV grew and matured a lot in 2020 and myself as well. We’re going to work harder in 2021 and develop into the best versions of ourselves. Everyone, please look forward to it! Bye bye! Ten: Happy New Year! Right now, I’m here shooting our WayV’s Season’s Greetings and I’m feeling very happy because our current outfits represent a new concept. If you look at my eye, you can see that it’s like I’m using a glittery filter. I hope you all like our Season’s Greetings. Hwaiting! Let’s meet more often in this new year, bye bye! Winwin: Hi everyone! I’m Winwin. 2020 has passed by so quickly and I wanted to wish you all a happy new year in 2021. Wishing you all success in everything and happiness everyday! I feel like we’ve done a lot of things in 2020. We’ve released a lot of good music and awesome performances for you all and I hope you all liked them. Together, we can anticipate all sorts of things from WayV in 2021, bye bye! Happy New Year! Lucas: Happy New Year! Today, we’re shooting our Season’s Greetings and I hope you all will like it because there will be a lot of pretty things in it. This time around, we included constellations so it should look pretty refreshing. I hope you all will be by our side and grow and mature with us every year. We want to strive for a bigger stage so we can show you WayV’s true capabilities. Love you all ~ bye bye! Xiaojun: Hi everybody! I’m WayV’s Xiaojun, hello! 2020 has passed so quickly, how was your 2020? I believe all of us did not have an easy time but we all made it through right? We made it through together. 2020 definitely had a lot of pitiful moments but the biggest pity is that we couldn’t meet in person. I really miss you all, we haven’t seen each other for a whole year. Oh my God, I can’t believe it. I hope you all will continue to prioritize your health and safety in 2021. Once everything takes a turn for the better, we will meet again ok? Wishing you all good health and a happy new year! Bye! Hendery: Hi everybody! Wishing you all a happy new year! 2020 has come to an end but we’ll continue to see you all in 2021 as well. I hope in 2021 that we can make up for the regrets that happened in 2020 because we weren’t able to meet this year. So I really hope that 2021 will be a year where we can meet often. I hope our wishes come true! Let’s meet more often, bye bye! Yangyang: Hi everybody! I’m WayV’s maknae, Yangyang! Wishing you all a happy new year! We’ve happily made it through 2020 and I hope you all will be healthy in 2021 and that we will be able to meet soon. Please give a lot of support to our Season’s Greetings and we’ll see you in 2021! Bye bye! WayV: Hi everybody! We are WayV! Kun: Today, we shot our Season’s Greetings and took on a special concept. What do you guys think about it? Ten: I absolutely love our style today and I thought it was very cool. I’m really looking forward to the photoshoot’s results. Lucas: That’s right, I also think today’s photoshoot is especially cool. You can really feel the…what’s it called? Ten: Charisma! Lucas: Yes, charisma! Winwin: It felt like it hasn’t been too long since we shot our last photoshoot. Xiaojun: Yes, it hasn’t been too long since we shot our basketball-themed photoshoot. Hendery: If we keep going at this pace, pretty soon we will have to shoot the 2022 Season’s Greetings. WayV: Wow, that’s way too fast! Yangyang: In 2021, we will definitely have many activities and events for you all so it will feel like 2022 will be here in no time. Kun: In 2021, we will prepare many, awesome appearances for you all. Please look forward to it! Please give us a lot of support! WayV: Happy New Year!!!

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    It's so satisfying when the camera flashes line up with the beat

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    Mint Kun was truly a superior look

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    i’m still waiting for the subtitles:(

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    Hoping for subtitles please.

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    2:26 تتتيين

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    no subtitles and i'm very envy to chinese fans (':

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    WayV lindos perfeitos

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    Ten why are you so beautiful???

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    They are WayVisuals

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    Where the subtitle dude

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    Subtitle where are youu😭

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    still no subtitle guys ;-;

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    Im so thankful for my friend who gift me this for my birthday present! I love wayv so much and i love her too! Thank you my friend! Im so happy to receive the gift!

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    HONESTLY !!! WayV members better looking than SuperM 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    I love you way v if I sad or mad you guys always make me happy and happy new year way v!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    In 12:58 minutes vidio I just still try to say 2020,2021,2022 in Chinese

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    Yangyang re lindo akzbixba

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    win win是画报吧 太好看了。。。

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    Visualnya ga main main

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    2020 'earling-earling' dan 'igong-igong'.

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    I'm so happy that we have WayV content again ❤️ I've missed our babys so much

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    제발 자막주세요...자막......

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    where are eng subs?

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    하아...한국어 자막이 없다...ㅜㅜ

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    Please have subtitles so that there is a lot of interest

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    Beautiful angels

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    이건 외 자막 않줘요 힝

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    8:05 look alike Taeyong whatt-

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    As much as yall say this or that member is underrated still the one that's most underrated is hendery. More like under appreciated

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    Why no subtitles yet? Usually its fast....

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    Pengin ngikutin tapi bingung mereka ngomong apa???hmmmm

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    Kun you can’t just attack everyone like this it’s not right... omg he looks so good

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    eng sub pls

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    자막 달아달라구용ㅠㅠ.....

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    it's illegal to put lucas and winwin besides each other!!!

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    ill wait for the subtitles 😭

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    11:11 Ten nd Xiaojunnn

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    I think about you little more than should .....xuxi💕

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    do they realize that they are very handsome and perfect?

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    I waited for a week for this video to have eng sub yet I eventually forgot about this. But now hat I wanted to watch it, it still has no eng subs ☹️

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    Aaayaaaaa no sub? Hey label v please:""""

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    at;east give korean subs :

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    Are u human, winn?

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    Lucas 😎🖤

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    Wayv FamiLy is The Best in The WorLd., Keep Strong., Keep HeaLthy., Keep Happy & SmiLe., Fighting Success FuLLy Wayv FamiLy #wayvrealfamily #2getherwithwayv

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    for the nth time and still no subtitle?????

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    They all look so ethereal. The hair, the makeup, the clothing, everything looks beautiful!!

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    please they speak chinese i don't understand:

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    Dude yangyang looked like a whole ice prince

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    i really love this make up consept. they looks so gorgeous. omg. btw it's reminds me of jaehyun previous photoshoot with this make up consept too.

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    i love them so much goodbye

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    Happy Anniversary Wayv,🎉🎊💖

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    11:10 the way I can literally hear ten teasing xiaojun for exposing so much skin

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    Visualnya bukan main.

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    TRANSLATIONS: KUN: I wish you all a happy new year! I hope all your wishes come true, good luck! (chinese idioms). Ah, 2020 was really really really really really really (i lost count of how many times he said really LMAO) plentiful/interesting. This year, I also think WayV has grown a lot, I personally think I have grown a lot as well. In 2021 we will try harder to show everyone our best selves. Everyone please look forward to it, byebye! TEN: 2021, happy new year! Right now we are shooting WayV Season Greetings. I feel really happy because the clothes we are wearing are a new concept. If you can see, you can see my eyes look glittery/shiny. I hope you guys will all like this time's Season Greeting. Keep going! We will meet in the new year! Byebye! WINWIN: Hello everyone! I'm Winwin. This year will end very very soon, I wish you all a happy new year! I hope everything will go well (another chinese idiom), and we can be happy every day! It feels like we have done many many things this year, we have also brought everyone really nice songs and good-looking/very nice performances, we also hope you like them all. I think everyone can join me in looking forward to what we will bring you all in the coming year! Byebye! I wish you all a happy new year! LUCAS: 2021, I wish you all a happy new year! Today we are shooting Season Greeting, I hope you will all like it because there are lots of pretty things in it. Also, today, this time we have this thing that is related to constellations, so it's pretty fresh/new. I hope everyone can follow us every year and grow with us and go to even bigger stages and let you guys feel the positive energy of WayV. Love you guys! Byebye! XIAOJUN: Hello everyone! I am XiaoJun from WayV! Hello! 2020 is almost passing, how was your 2020? I believe that it wasn't easy for all of us, but didn't we all push through? We all pushed through together! 2020 really has a lot of regrets, the biggest regret is that we didn't get to meet you guys, I really miss you guys. It can be said that we haven't seen each other in a year, oh my god I can't believe it :( I hope that next year everyone can continue maintaining our current health, peace and safety. After we wait for everything to get better, we will meet together okay? 2021 I wish you all a happy new year and stay healthy okay? Bye! HENDERY: 2020 is at its end. Actually I just want to tell the fans that not only 2020, but I hope that in 2021 we can continue meeting you guys. And then I also wish that we will work hard in the next year to make up for regrets from this year because this year we haven't been able to meet each other often, so I hope that next year... Basically, it is almost 2021, when we can meet more often, I hope our wishes come true! Goodbye! Leter we will meet more! YANGYANG: Hello everyone! I am WayV's youngest, Yangyang. I wish you all a happy new year in 2021! We spend 2020 very happily, I hope in 2021 everyone can be healthy and that we can quickly meet everyone, yes that's right! So I invite everyone to support our Season Greeting a lot! Let's meet next year! Byebye! EVERYONE: Hello everyone, we are WayV! (KUN): Hello everyone! Today we are currently shooting our Season Greeting. Today we actually used a fairly unique concept for shooting. What do you guys think about it? (TEN): I really love today's style, I think it's very cool. I am really looking forward to see the results of the photos. (LUCAS): That's right, I also think today's shots are very cool/handsome, it kind of feels like there is like, what's it called? (TEN): Charisma! (LUCAS): Right! It's full of courage and handsomeness. (WINWIN): it seems like the shoot we did before in 2020 wasn't that long ago and now we're shooting a new one. (XIAOJUN): Before the basketball concept just ended not long ago. (EVERYONE): Yeah, that's right. (HENDERY): Then if we continue with this speed, I feel like we will be shooting 2022 really soon! (LUCAS): Then that's really fast! (YANGYANG): Let me tell you guys, in 2021 we will definitely have many many activities for everyone, letting everyone feel like 2022 is coming veery soon. (KUN): Then in 2021 we will prepare even more and even better looks for everyone to see, everyone can look forward to it! Also, support WayV a lot in 2021! (EVERYONE): Happy new year!! NOTE** not all translations are 100% accurate because sometimes chinese to english can be a bit tricky with like idioms and stuff but the meaning is basically the same! hope this helps .

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    Thank youuu ❤️

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    when nct doesnt have subs for the first time but its wayv so it doesnt matter bcs i speak chinese jHDSHJD

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    Translation, based on my extensive study of Mandarin: "Happy new year! I hope you all like it [the Season's Greetings]!" 😂 Alright, A. they all look INCREDIBLE, and B. now I want a white tattoo. 💚😁

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    I don`t know what you`re saying but I love the way you're talking to me

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