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  • Debby.C 0911
    Debby.C 09113 hari yang lalu


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    Irene Ha5 hari yang lalu

    웨이션 훈훈하다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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  • regularpuff
    regularpuff11 hari yang lalu

    "I heard you bought 40 servings of chicken to the staff, why?" "This is something I needed to do." Xiaojun bestest boy :((( I love him

  • whotookmycheesestick
    whotookmycheesestick14 hari yang lalu

    No one: Kun and Yangyang: *Flick hair throughout the video*

    MONSTA X MONB3B314 hari yang lalu

    wayV always making my day

  • Najwa Auliana
    Najwa Auliana15 hari yang lalu

    How cute them

  • Chloe
    Chloe17 hari yang lalu

    Why would XJ say that he's the lesst handsome? Even his eyebrows are already handsome.

  • Chloe
    Chloe17 hari yang lalu

    Actually, Xiaojun looks intimidating and serious for me. Well, that was joke.

  • Chloe
    Chloe17 hari yang lalu

    Xiaojun's so cute. He was the first member I noticed first in WayV.

  • Chloe
    Chloe17 hari yang lalu

    Xiaojun's so cute. He was the first member I noticed first in WayV.

  • Evie Roberts
    Evie Roberts17 hari yang lalu

    I rlly thought they were joking about buying 40 cups of coffee lol nvm

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    Mely W19 hari yang lalu

    Help Xiaojun on Weibo kuanggong, Xiaojun has been heavily criticized on Weibo even though he is innocent. They ask Xiaojun to be kicked out of WayV? Kun Ten Winwin Lucas Hendery Yangyang Xiaojun are family. WayV is Seven. There is a tutorial on Twitter to help Xiaojun.

  • syuhada ariffin
    syuhada ariffin21 hari yang lalu

    Cute... I love wayv forever😘

  • criesyoongii
    criesyoongii21 hari yang lalu

    (7:36) I bet Dejun really did dance like he said when he found out he would be joining Nct 2020 when he’s bouncing all cutely like this to see his members ♥️🥺

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    Xiaojun is soooooo cute and shy omg

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  • Soumya
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    Its so funny to me that they keep tormenting xiaojun

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    Xiaojun look so happy 🥰😀

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    Where is it??? In korea or china?

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    찐친같다 귀여워진쨔

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    No one: Literally no one: Yangyang: xiaojun owe us a meal 😂 They're so cute 😆🥺

  • Hi Kai
    Hi Kai25 hari yang lalu

    Imagine having trolls as friends... that’s Xiaojun’s life

  • Hi Kai
    Hi Kai25 hari yang lalu

    Xiaojun please buy our poor YangYang some chicken

  • nahyuck ‘S plug
    nahyuck ‘S plug26 hari yang lalu

    Xiaojun was so happy to see them I started tearing up

  • Zalina Boru Sinaga
    Zalina Boru Sinaga27 hari yang lalu

    Please pick Indonesia subtitle for wayzenni Indonesia ❤️🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • mark lee in the house yo
    mark lee in the house yo27 hari yang lalu

    xiaojun: *wasn’t in the car* yangyang: *_here is my opportunity to spill tea about xiaojun_* ✨ istg this kid--💀

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    짱우 솔로앨범그날까지 정프27 hari yang lalu

    왜케 다 귀엽냐.... ㅜ ㅜ

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    Rukayah Imul27 hari yang lalu

    Where are Ten and Lucas? Why they didn't come too ?

  • Ella xiao
    Ella xiao28 hari yang lalu

    The only one special coffee is to xiaojun, and the next second, the coffee spilled LMAO

  • rchenar
    rchenar28 hari yang lalu

    WayV really soft and sweet

  • Nhung Cẩm
    Nhung CẩmBulan Yang lalu

    They are not only teammates but also friends, soulmates, homies.

  • Stella Mavridou
    Stella MavridouBulan Yang lalu

    Xiaojun: I'm the least handsome member All men do is lie

  • 청스동
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  • 143 Snow Mochi
    143 Snow MochiBulan Yang lalu

    xiaojun shooting his drama in korea in the middle of pandemic ??? i thought at first he shoot the drama before pandemic when wayv was active in china

  • Stan NCT
    Stan NCTBulan Yang lalu

    they are such cuties

  • Pucu Pucu Pao Pao
    Pucu Pucu Pao PaoBulan Yang lalu

    How to be friends with WayV??

  • helloctober 15
    helloctober 15Bulan Yang lalu

    It would be great if they made college drama wayv ver lmao sm im counting for more wayv own variety shows

  • helloctober 15
    helloctober 15Bulan Yang lalu

    WayV familyyyy T_T

  • triyana wahyuningtyas
    triyana wahyuningtyasBulan Yang lalu

    Subtitel indonesia please

  • Isha Nagolla
    Isha NagollaBulan Yang lalu

    This is the sweetest group Ive ever seen.... Uwu

  • Isha Nagolla
    Isha NagollaBulan Yang lalu

    Lucas and ten?

  • lia n

    lia n

    Bulan Yang lalu

    SuperM .

  • Nora Hnin
    Nora HninBulan Yang lalu

    So where is this series filmed, in China or in Korea? 肖俊好帅喔

  • rousse
    rousseBulan Yang lalu

    awwww they are so supportive

  • l3akakanji
    l3akakanjiBulan Yang lalu

    Theyre really cute TT

  • Mára vilhosa
    Mára vilhosaBulan Yang lalu

    WayV definitly are a real family. They support each other in every project ❤️ I love them so much

  • Helen Nagawa
    Helen NagawaBulan Yang lalu

    How sweet! My cheeks are even hurting from all this smiling!😁

  • 죠오타!
    죠오타!Bulan Yang lalu


  • Annisa Nur F
    Annisa Nur FBulan Yang lalu

    Xiaojun is like bouncing in every minute 😂❤️ what a teammate💚

  • Lady Berd
    Lady BerdBulan Yang lalu

    Winwin was so quick getting Hendery to pay for all the coffee after Hendery said that he was the only good guy. I'm sorry but Winwin in wayv is both straight out savage and funny af. U won't see that anywhere else

  • Lady Berd
    Lady BerdBulan Yang lalu

    I love how they just call him Dejun while they were in the van but the subtitles be it Chinese or English spell Xiaojun

  • 스리스리마스리
    스리스리마스리Bulan Yang lalu

    샤오쥔 드라마 찍나요?

  • benedict 07
    benedict 07Bulan Yang lalu

    Xiaojun gettin' excited happy and shy its so cute 😆😆

  • Wanda Jungkook
    Wanda JungkookBulan Yang lalu

    please give my hendery some solo variety show

  • xHopeh
    xHopehBulan Yang lalu

    Someone wipe my smile off my face because i literally couldn't stop smiling this whole video. WayV truly is a family and it's so cute seeing how surprised and happy Xiaojun was to see his members visit him!!

  • Shavna Rfm
    Shavna RfmBulan Yang lalu

    Indonesian subtitle please...

  • Fadhilah Ricoh
    Fadhilah RicohBulan Yang lalu

    xiaojun little jump Im soft T_T

  • abigail li
    abigail liBulan Yang lalu

    this video is so wholesome 🥺

  • Norliyana
    NorliyanaBulan Yang lalu

    why nct wayv get competitive about sending food or drinks to their member shooting site lol 😅

  • lia n

    lia n

    Bulan Yang lalu

    @Norliyana lol. Haha

  • Norliyana


    Bulan Yang lalu

    @lia n yeah, that's why. then nct127 followed 😅 their competitive ass 😁

  • lia n

    lia n

    Bulan Yang lalu

    But wayv did first.

  • sunji_江江
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  • Oof Meh
    Oof MehBulan Yang lalu

    Love all of you guys!!! ❤️ heehee ☺️

  • Dav D
    Dav DBulan Yang lalu

    I guess Ten and Lucas were doing SuperM activities.

  • Vy Mauricio
    Vy MauricioBulan Yang lalu

    Xiaojun, the least handsome??? Why are you lying???? He's so cute though, he was bouncing up and down happily.

  • Farah Shah
    Farah ShahBulan Yang lalu

    I am curious about the place is this in Korea or China?🤔

  • Lady Berd

    Lady Berd

    Bulan Yang lalu


    WE LOVE HUANG RENJUNBulan Yang lalu

    wayv members are so warm to each other, theyre indeed a family i'm even crying:""")

  • thatrosecapboy
    thatrosecapboyBulan Yang lalu

    xiaojun: buys food for the staff yangyang: and i took that personally.

  • navy_blue girl99
    navy_blue girl99Bulan Yang lalu

    I can't believe how bouncing Xiaojun can bring me so much happiness and make me smile 🙈🙈🙈

  • oasis *
    oasis *Bulan Yang lalu

    나 웨이브이 왜 지금 알앗을까.... 이 천사 와기들아ㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠㅜㅜㅜ어덕캐 너무 사랑스럽다

  • Kadek Farida
    Kadek FaridaBulan Yang lalu

    Kocak banget anjir xiaojun disuruh ngulang pura pura kaget ama yangyang wkwk

  • ᄏᄏᄏᄏ
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  • anggie calista
    anggie calistaBulan Yang lalu

    Xiaojun happiness literally explode here >o How cute!

  • Helium P
    Helium PBulan Yang lalu

    NCT2020 did a great job👍 Now I love all 7 WayV members and can discover all the details of them. Like Hendery's humorous part, WW's sassiness, Kun's mother figure sweetness, YY's energetic jokes and Xiaojun's shyness + cuteness.

  • Tanushree Gurumayum
    Tanushree GurumayumBulan Yang lalu

    Love from India💓

  • Riska Dwi Andaryanti
    Riska Dwi AndaryantiBulan Yang lalu

    They r so sweet give xiaojun special drink

  • Riska Dwi Andaryanti
    Riska Dwi AndaryantiBulan Yang lalu


  • Shela Fitriani
    Shela FitrianiBulan Yang lalu

    WayVamily, aaw, reely love them so much😍😍💚

  • titi apriyanti
    titi apriyantiBulan Yang lalu

    Heh itu baju yg dipake Yangyang kek baju yg dipake Jungkook bukan sih? /Emot nangis

  • Nabay Bay-an
    Nabay Bay-anBulan Yang lalu

    Everyone: talking about Xiaojun, WayV Me: the director looks like Lee SooMan

  • grace yamaguchi
    grace yamaguchiBulan Yang lalu

    hendery with mask be looking like jaehyun

  • grace yamaguchi
    grace yamaguchiBulan Yang lalu

    noo he looks so happy❤️

  • 10vely
    10velyBulan Yang lalu

    The awkwardness in the beginning-

  • star.檸檬
    star.檸檬Bulan Yang lalu

    德俊 ????

  • sclnoplhiel Valen
    sclnoplhiel ValenBulan Yang lalu

    woyy ngakak eyy pas dejun blg uh oh uh kek apa yahh njmm ngkak woylahh, setrumm ssss

  • nadya khumaira
    nadya khumairaBulan Yang lalu

    so when we get winwin actor?

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  • Malikah NakamotoJungQianHuang
    Malikah NakamotoJungQianHuangBulan Yang lalu

    Thank you, Mr. Director! I genuinely enjoyed "Hello, My Youth", you worked hard and it paid off.

  • Devi Aprilia
    Devi ApriliaBulan Yang lalu

    Good Boy = paying 😭

  • Jun Titer
    Jun TiterBulan Yang lalu

    Wayv felt like famiky but what the fuck is that handshake it's so awkward kkkkkk

  • No Name
    No NameBulan Yang lalu

    can you give me Indonesian subtitles?

  • syabilarbilr rrr
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  • titi apriyanti
    titi apriyantiBulan Yang lalu

    Itu baju yg dipake Yangyang kek pernah liat…

  • winwin suh
    winwin suhBulan Yang lalu

    the answer is hendery

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    Bulan Yang lalu


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    Bulan Yang lalu


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